Man pages for markwh/swotr
Functions for SWOT-like Datasets

calcdA_matPartial cross-section area from width and height
calcdA_vecCalculate partial cross-section area from width and height...
nc_listRead a netcdf file to a list.
nc_reachRead reach-averaged observations and other relevant...
plot_DAWGPlot all time series of a DAWG-formatted matrix.
realA0Actual A0 values across locations of a swotlist
rezero_dAAdjust the zero-reference of partial cross-sectional area...
swot_ACalculate area from A0 (a vector) and dA (a matrix).
swot_bamdataCreate BAM-ready data from a swotlist.
swot_plotPlot all variables, or a subset thereof, as timeseries
swot_purge_nasPurge all times or locations containing NAs
swot_ssetSubset dimensions of swot-like data.
swot_tidyProduce a tidy data.frame from a swotlist of matrices
swot_timelagApply a timelag to the rows of matrices in a swotlist.
swot_untidyProduce a swotlist from a tidy data.frame
swot_vec2matConvert a vector to a suitably-dimensioned matrix
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