Man pages for matteodelucchi/TRAL-Result-Analysis
Analysis of the output of TRAL

AAfreq_in_protCalculate the Amino Acid Frequency in a given AA-Sequence
AAfreq_in_TRCalculate the Amino Acid Frequency in a given TR-MSA
AAratio_vs_DisorderpropensityAmino Acid Ratio Plotted Against Disorderpropensity
beautifierggplot Beautifier Function
download_prot_sequenceDownload Protein Sequence
getTRbyGeneFilter for Tandem Repeats by Gene Name
load_kinomeLoad Human Proteome Kinome
load_swissprotLoad SwissProt Meta Data
load_tr_annotationsLoad Tandem Repeat Annotation Data
paper.figureggplot function to prepare figures for publication
protein_id_by_number_of_TRGet the Protein ID from the Number of TR
TRdist_in_proteomeTandem Repeat Distribution in Proteome
TR_locationDisplay TR center location
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