Man pages for missuse/ragp
Mining for Hydroxyproline rich glycoprotein sequences

at_nsp2700 Arabidopsis thaliana protein sequences.
CTDCComposition descriptor (CTDC)
extractMBdescNormalized Moreau-Broto Autocorrelation Descriptor
getAAindexExtract amino acid attributes
get_big_piQuery big-PI Plant Predictor web server.
get_espritzQuery Espritz web server.
get_hmmQuery hmmer web server.
getKmerExtract simetric k-mers around prolines
get_phobiusQuery Phobius web server.
get_pred_gpiQuery PredGPI web server.
get_signalpQuery SignalP web server.
get_targetpQuery TargetP web server.
maabMAAB classification of hydroxyproline rich glycoproteins
pfam2goAdd GO terms based on pfam accessions
plot_protProtein structure diagram.
plot_signalpPlotting SignalP prediction.
predict_hypPredict hydroxyproline positions in plant proteins based on...
QSOlevelQuasi-Sequence-Order (QSO) Descriptor
scan_agFind AG glycomodules in protein sequences
scan_nglcDetection of motifs for N-glycosylation on asparagine...
split_fastaSplit a fasta formatted file.
sub_hypSubstitute prolines to hydroxyprolines
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