Man pages for pachterlab/kma
KeepMeAround: Intron Retention Detection in RNA-Seq data

check_groupingsCheck groupings in data.frame
filter_low_fragsFilter introns with too few unique fragments.
filter_low_tpmLow TPM filter
filter_perfect_psiPerfect psi filter
get_batch_intron_zcGet several zero coverage results and aggregate them
getColGet the columns from eXpress output
get_intron_zcRead zero coverage data
intron_lengthGet intron lengths from an identifier
intron_null_distGenerate the null distribution
melt_intron_coordsConvert intron coords string into data.frame
newIntronRetentionCompute intron retention
print.IntronRetentionPrint an IntronRetention object
retention_testRetention test
summarize_zero_coverageSummarize zero coverage results per condition
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