Man pages for petrelharp/landsim
Simulate Populations on Landscapes

aggregate_migrationAggregate a Migration Matrix to Match a Coarser Raster
as.list.vitalSet Up a Vital Rates Function With Parameters
backmeiosisSample from Parental Genotypes
backmigrateSample from Parental Locations
census_neighborhoodsConstruct Census Functions for a Set of Neighborhoods
crop_populationCrop a Population
crop_simulationCrop a Simulation
demographyConstruct a 'demography' Object.
discretize_kernelCreate a "Discretized" Migration Function from a Continuous...
dispersal_distanceEstimate the Root Mean Square Dispersal Distance from a...
extend_simulationContinue a Previously Initiated Simulation
flat_habitatCreate a Flat Habitat
generationSimulate a Single Generation.
generation_rasterApply a 'demography' Object to a Raster
geo_powerTake a Geometric Power of a Matrix
getElement.vitalAssign or Extract Items from the Environment of a Vital...
get_NAccess Values of Habitable Cells in a Population
habitable_pointsFind Points Corresponding to Habitable Cells
intrinsic_growthFind the Intrinsic Growth Rate for Each Genotype
layer_adjacencyAdjacency Matrix from a Raster Layer.
lineage_generationSimulate a Single Backwards Generation
make_circlesMake Circles Centered at a Collection of Coordinates
make_populationSet Up a Population from a Configuration
mating_tensorComptue the Mating Tensor for a Set of Genotypes.
migrateMigrate the Quantities in a Population.
migrate_rasterMigrate the Quantities in a Raster.
migrationConstruct a 'migration' Object.
migration_matrixCreate Migration Matrix from a Migration object and a...
names.vitalExtract Names of Objects in Environment of a vital Function
nhabitableNumber of Habitable Cells in a Population.
plot_lineagesPlot Lineages on a Map
plot.populationPlot a Population
plot.simulationAnimate a Simulation
pop_to_rasterConvert a population to a RasterBrick.
populationConstruct a 'population' Object.
random_habitatSimulate a Random Habitat
rbinom_matrixSample from a Binomial, Preserving Dimension
rbinom_rasterSample Binomial Values in a Raster* or Population
rpois_matrixSample from a Poisson, Preserving Dimension
rpois_rasterSample Poisson Raster
sample_neighborhoodsSample Neighborhoods in a Raster*
seed_productionMean Seed Production
seed_production_rasterMean Seed Production
select_clumpsDivide a Raster into Regions Separated by a Minimum Distance
set_NAssign Values to Habitable Cells in a Population
setup_demographySet up a Demography Object for a Concrete Population
setup_migrationSet up Migration Object for a Concrete Population
setup_vitalSet up a Vital Function for a Concrete Population
sierpinski_overlayOverlay a Raster with a Sierpinski Mask
sim_to_brickConvert Simulation Array to RasterBrick(s).
simulate_lineagesSimulate Lineages
simulate_popSimulate Many Generations
subset_migrationSubset a Migration Matrix to Match a Smaller Raster of the...
values.populationExtract Matrix of Genotype Counts
vitalSet Up a Vital Rates Function With Parameters
write_tripletsWrite out a Sparse Matrix in Triplet Form
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