missing_taxa_check: Checks that missing_taxa argument is ok to be used by...

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Checks that missing_taxa argument is ok to be used by make_mrbayes_runfile inside tree_add_dates functions.


missing_taxa_check(missing_taxa = NULL, dated_tree = NULL)



A tree, a data frame or a vector enlisting all missing taxa you want to include.

A tree.

Either as a phylo object or as a newick character string. It contains all taxa that you want at the end, both missing and non missing. This tree will be used as a hard constraint.

A data frame.

It contains two columns. taxon. A character vector of missing taxon names. clade. A character or numeric vector of nodes from a constraint tree to which each taxon will be assigned.

A character vector.

It contains the names of the missing taxa. They will be added at random to the constraint tree.


a tree (newick or phylo) with branch lengths proportional to absolute time


A phylo object, a newick character string or a dataframe with taxonomic assignations

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