Man pages for rcheshire/FishGraph
Visualizations for fishery stock-assessment.

Bound.vec.plotsPlots time and age vectors and their bounds for...
BSR.time.plotsBiomass, spawner, and recruitmenet trajectories plots of model catch, landings, and discards by fishery
Cohort.plotsPlots of age-composition data observed and model predicted...
Comp.plotsPlots of age- and length-composition fits
Comp.yearly.plotsPlots of age- and length-composition fits by year
Eq.plotsEquilibrium-recruitment plots
FishGraph-packageGraphics for fish stock-assessment models
F.time.plotsPlots of fishing mortality rate over time
gagGAG data output from an assessment model
Growth.plotsPlots of fish size (and other quantities) at age
Index.plotsAbundance Index plots from stock assessment models
Landings.plotsLandings and discards trajectories
NFZ.age.plotsAt-age matrix plots
Parm.plotsGraphically displays parameter and bound values for a...
PerRec.plotsPer-recruit plots
Phase.plotsPlots of fishing and spawning biomass status
rdat2asciiRdat conversion program
Selectivity.plotsEstimated selectivity curves
StockRec.plotsStock-recruitment plots
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