Man pages for renozao/xbioc
Extra Base Functions for Bioconductor

annotation-toolsAnnotation Tools
annotation-utilsHandling Object Annotations
available_tx_dbLists Available Transcript Annotation Packages
bimap_lookupLooking Up Keys in Identifier Maps
biocann_objectRetrieving Bioconductor Annotation Maps
biocann_orgdbBioconductor Organism Data and Packages
Bioc-genericsExtracting Feature Names
biocIDs'is.idtype' tells if a given character vector contains valid...
cbind_ExpressionSetCombining ExpressionSet Objects
cbind.ExpressionSetCombining Expression Matrices
checkSYMBOLSChecks Gene Symbol Validity
compareFeaturesCompare Features Sets
convertAliasConverts Gene Alias to Official Gene Symbols
df_appendAppending Columns to Data Frames
digestNComputing a Short Digest String
ExpressionSet-computeNumeric Computations on ExpressionSet objects
featureIsControlExtracting Control Probes
flow_reference-setChange Reference Populations in Flowcytometry Data
geneInfoSimple Feature Annotation
idtypeIdentifying Gene or Probe ID Type
idtype-testTesting Identifier Types
intersectEnhanced Subsetting for Matrix-like Data
isExpressionSetGeneric Bioconductor Utilities
is_logscaleDetect Log-transformed Data
melt.ExpressionSetMelt an ExpressionSet for Use with ggplot
NAmapInitialising a Mapping List
nuIDdecodeConvert nuID to Nucleotide Sequence
pVarRetrieve Phenotypic Variable from Data
read.fcsRead All FCS Files in a Directory
samFDRCompute Permutation-based FDR as in SAM
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