cbind.ExpressionSet: Combining Expression Matrices

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The method cbind.ExpressionSet combines sample expression profiles from multiple ExpressionSet or matrix objects.


## S3 method for class 'ExpressionSet'
cbind(..., .id = ".id", deparse.level = 1)



series of ExpressionSet and/or matrix objects.


name of the phenotypic variable created to old each dataset ID. If argument are named then these are used as values.


integer controlling the construction of labels in the case of non-matrix-like arguments (for the default method):
deparse.level = 0 constructs no labels; the default,
deparse.level = 1 or 2 constructs labels from the argument names, see the ‘Value’ section below.


The expression matrices must be exactly of the same dimensions. For the end result to be meaningful, one probably wants the row names to match as well, i.e. both object contain the same features, in the same order. However no check is done for this.

Note that the returned ExpressionSet object has no sample or feature annotations.


an ExpressionSet object

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