check_uniqueness: Check sample uniqueness from metadata

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Per NCBI's rules: "You should have one BioSample for each specimen, and each of your BioSamples must have differentiating information (excluding sample name, title, bioproject accession and description). This check was implemented to encourage submitters to include distinguishing information in their samples. If the distinguishing information is in the sample name, title or description, please recode it into an appropriate attribute, either one of the predefined attributes or a custom attribute you define. If it is necessary to represent true biological replicates as separate BioSamples, you might add an 'aliquot' or 'replicate' attribute, e.g., 'replicate = biological replicate 1', as appropriate. Note that multiple assay types, e.g., RNA-seq and ChIP-seq data may reference the same BioSample if appropriate."





data frame of BioSample attributes


factor with levels corresponding to unique rows after excluding certain columns.

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