write_sra_submission: Write SRA submission spreadsheets to disk

Description Usage Arguments Value


These functions write SRA spreadsheets to the working directory by type (BioSample attributes and library metadata) with the naming scheme <submission>/<submission>_<type>_<part>.tsv. Each part splits the submission spreadsheets so as to have fewer than 1000 rows in both, while keeping entries for a given sample_name together between spreadsheet pairs. submission will use the submission accession attribute on the data frames, if present. If either of these fields are not appliable they will be excluded from the filename. At its most basic this will simply save biosamples.tsv and metadata.tsv.





list of data frames of SRA submission information, such as created by build_sra_submission.


additional arguments for write_table


list of vectors of file paths saved for each spreadsheet category

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