Man pages for richardsprague/actino
Phyloseq utilities for personal microbiome

convert_json_files_to_csvConvert to CSV all uBiome JSON files in a directory.
dataframe_at_rankDataframe at a specific rank
experiment_to_phyloseqconvert a uBiome experiment dataframe and mapping file to a...
join_all_ubiome_filesreturns a big dataframe joining all tax_names from a list of...
join_all_ubiome_files_fullreturns a big dataframe joining all tax_names from a list of...
just_json_files_inJust JSON files in a directory
kombucha.all_ranksmicrobiome data available to ub.phyloseq
kombucha.csvmicrobiome data available to ub.phyloseq
kombucha.genusmicrobiome data available to ub.phyloseq
matrix_at_rankMatrix version of a dataframe at a specific rank
phyloseq_from_JSONMake Phyloseq object from JSON files
phyloseq_from_JSON_at_rankreturn a valid Phyloseq object created from the JSON files in...
read_ubiome_jsonRead a uBiome JSON file into a dataframe, returning only the...
read_ubiome_json_fullRead a uBiome JSON file into a dataframe
samples_as_column_dataframeTurn a dataframe into a format that Phyloseq likes
tax_abbrevreturns the abbreviated character form of the character...
tax_rank_of_full_taxafind tax_rank for a given full taxa
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