Man pages for ronkeizer/PKPDsim
Simulate ODE models

add_quotesPut vector values in quotes
add_ruvAdd residual variability to the dependent variable
adherence_binomialBinomial adherence'
adherence_markovMarkov adherence'
analytical_eqn_wrapperWrapper for using analytical equations with PKPD regimens
chainPipe/chain an object forward into a function call/expression.
compile_sim_cppCompile ODE model to c++ function
covariates_table_to_listConvert covariate table specified as data.frame Can handle...
cv_to_omegaCreate lower-diagonal omega matrix from CV for parameter...
f_covcovariate function builder
get_ode_model_sizeGet the number of states in the ODE from the code code C++...
get_parameters_from_codeGet model parameters from code
get_t_obs_from_regimenExtract sensible default observation times from a specified...
github_downloadDownload a single file from GitHub, or get list of files
join_regimenJoin two dosing regimens
model_from_apiLoad model definition from API, and compile to R library
model_libraryModel library
mvrnorm2More powerful multivariate normal sampling function
new_adherenceAdherence function
new_covariateNew covariate
new_covariate_modelcovariate model function
new_ode_modelCreate new ODE model
new_regimenDose regimen for sim_ode
nm_to_regimenCreate a regimen from NM data
parse_regimenParse regimen
pkdataPK dataset
print_listReturn a list in R syntax
print.PKPDsimPrint function for PKPDsim simulation function
print.regimenPrint function for PKPDsim regimen
regimen_to_nmConvert PKPDsim regimen to NONMEM table (doses only)
search_replace_in_fileFind string and replace in file
shift_state_indicesR starts counting vector indices at 1, c++ starts at 0, so...
simSimulate ODE or analytical equation
sim_coreOnly core function of the simulation function, always just...
sim_odeDeprecated function, renamed to 'sim()'
sim_ode_shinySimulate ODE and create a Shiny app
test_pointerTest if model still in memory
triangle_to_fullConvert triangle omega matrix to full omega matrix
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