Man pages for roryk/bcbioSinglecell
Single-Cell RNA-Seq Utilities

aggregateReplicatesAggregate Replicates
all_markers_smallSanitized Markers Example
barcodeRanksPerSampleBarcode Ranks per Sample
bcbioAdditional bcbio Run Data Accessor
bcbioSingleCell'bcbioSingleCell' Object and Constructor
cell2sampleCell to Sample Mappings
cellCountsPerClusterCell Counts per Cluster
cellCycleMarkersCell-Cycle Markers
cellranger_smallCell Ranger Example
cellTypeMarkersCell-Type Markers
cellTypesPerClusterCell Types per Cluster
clusterCellCountsPerSampleCluster Cell Counts per Sample
coerceMethods for Coercing an Object to a Class
defunctDefunct Functions
deprecatedDeprecated Functions
diffExpDifferential Expression
extractExtract or Replace Parts of an Object
fetchDataFetch Data Functions
filterCellsFilter Cells
generalGeneral Arguments
indrops_smallinDrops Example
knownMarkersDetectedKnown Markers Detected
known_markers_smallKnown Markers Example
mapCellsToSamplesDefine Cell to Sample Mappings
metricsSample Barcode Metrics
metricsPerSampleMetrics per Sample
plotBarcodeRanksPlot Barcode Ranks
plotCellCountsPlot Cell Counts
plotCellTypesPerClusterPlot Cell Types per Cluster
plotDimensionalReductionPlot Dimensional Reduction
plotDotPlot Dot
plotFeaturePlot Feature
plotGenePlot Gene
plotGenesPerCellPlot Genes per Cell
plotMarkerPlot Cell-Type-Specific Gene Markers
plotMitoRatioPlot Mitochondrial Transcript Abundance
plotMitoVsCodingPlot Mitochondrial vs. Coding Counts
plotNoveltyPlot Novelty Score
plotPCElbowPlot PC Elbow
plotQCQuality Control Plots
plotReadsPerCellPlot Read Counts per Cell
plotUMIsPerCellPlot UMIs per Cell
plotUMIsVsGenesPlot UMI and Gene Correlation
plotViolinPlot Violin
plotZerosVsDepthPlot Percentage of Zeros vs. Library Depth
prepareSingleCellTemplatePrepare Single-Cell RNA-Seq R Markdown Template
readCellRangerRead 10X Genomics Cell Ranger Data
readCellTypeMarkersRead Cell Type Markers File
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
sampleDataSample Data
sanitizeMarkersSanitize Markers Output
selectSamplesSelect Samples
seurat-SingleCellExperimentExtend S4 Methods for 'seurat' Class
seurat_smallSeurat Example
showShow an Object
subsetPerSampleSubset Per Sample
topBarcodesTop Barcodes
topMarkersTop Markers
updateObjectUpdate an Object to Its Current Class Definition
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