qc_plant_dics: Dictionary creation for plant_md variables

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qc_plant_dics function creates a dictionary for the selected variable containing the accepted values for that variable


qc_plant_dics(variable, parent_logger = "test")



Variable name in which the dictionary is needed as character vector (e.g. 'pl_sap_units').


In order to check if factor variables have a valid value or have been bad formatted/introduced in the data template, first it is needed to have a list of accepted values for each variable. This function creates that list to use in the checks.


A character vector containing the valid values for the provided variable

Accepted variables

The factor variables in plant_md are pl_social, pl_sens_meth, pl_sens_man, pl_sens_cor_grad, pl_sens_cor_zero, pl_sap_units, pl_radial_int and pl_azimut_int.

See Also

Other Dictionaries: qc_env_dics, qc_site_dics, qc_species_dics, qc_stand_dics

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