qc_species_names_fix: Verify provided species names (spelling and correctness)

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qc_species_names uses tpl package (https://github.com/gustavobio/tpl) to verify the species introduced by the contributors and fix spelling errors.


qc_species_names_fix(data, parent_logger = "test")



Data frame as the obtained from qc_species_names_info


This function takes a vector of species names and check if they are right spelled. Also, if a synonym is used, the function changes it automatically in order to have the same name for the same species.


A character vector with species fixed in spelling and correctness.

GitHub package

tpl and tpldata are GitHub packages, and they are not available for install in the ususal way. In order to achieve that qc_species_verification works as expected, manual installation of those two packages must be done previously: devtools::install_github("gustavobio/tpldata") devtools::install_github("gustavobio/tpl")

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