Man pages for scholaempirica/reschola
The Schola Empirica Package

as.character.czech_dateas.character S3 method for class czech_date
as_czech_dateMake Date of Class 'czech_date'
clr2hexConvert color to hexadecimal format
compile_and_openSafely Compile RMarkdown Document(s)
copy_schola_templateCopy default Schola template into project directory
czech_date_intervalCzech Date Interval
czech_date_mainCzech Date Internals
dict_from_dataGet item code-label dictionary from data
dot-czech_monthsList of Czech Months in Three Grammatical Cases
draftCreate a '.Rmd' draft using Schola templates
extract_schola_barplot_infoExtract detailed info from Schola barplot
fct_nanifyNAnify factor level
flush_axisA shorcut for making axis text flush with axis
formatsczCzech formatted scales for ggplot2
gd_download_folderDownload files from Google Drive folder
gd_get_projGet current reschola project Google Drive URL ID
gd_upload_fileUpload a file to project's Google Drive
get_dataGet RDS from custom dir
get_labs_dfGet labels of variables
get_lightnessExtract perceived lightness from colour
import_fontsImport Ubuntu fonts for use in charts and in the PDF reports
install_reschola_fontsInstall reschola fonts on your computer
knit_print.czech_dateknit_print S3 method for class czech_date
knit_print.czech_date_intervalknit_print S3 method for class czech_date_interval
ls_add_participantsAdd Participant(s) to the Survey
ls_callCall LimeSurvey API Directly
ls_check_attributesCheck for Illegal Attributes
ls_exportExport Responses with Participants Attached
ls_get_attrsGet Survey Attributes in Semantic Form
ls_inviteInvite Participant(s)
ls_loginLogin to LimeSurvey API
ls_participantsList Participants
ls_responsesExport Responses
ls_set_participant_propertiesSet or Edit Attribute(s) of an Participant
ls_surveysList All Surveys at the Server
manage_docx_header_logosAdd or replace logo in the header of a Word document
open_schola_templateLocate and open default Schola templates
pipePipe operator
plot_lollipopPlot lollipop
prepare_lollipop_dataPrepare data for 'plot_lollipop()'
print.czech_datePrint Czech Date
print.czech_date_intervalprint S3 method for class czech_date_interval
recover_labsRecover lost labels from same-structured tibble with labels
reexportsObjects exported from other packages
register_reschola_fontsRegister reschola fonts on Windows
remove_empty_atRemove rows empty only at specified columns
reschola-packagereschola: The Schola Empirica Package
scalesczContinuous scales with Czech percent labels
schola_barplotPlot standard Schola likert-like barplot with groupwise...
schola_labellerLabeller with width wrapping and item code-label dictionary
schola_pdfSchola Empirica PDF Format
schola_rdsQuick access to data in standard 'reschola' project
schola_wordBasic Schola Empirica Word document
schola_word2Schola Empirica Word document with customisable template
stenTransform to STEN score (Standard Ten)
theme_scholaA Schola Empirica ggplot2 theme
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
use_reschola_fontsMake ggplot2 use font(s) in text-based geoms
with_clrCreate HTML span tag with text and color style
write_dataWrite RDS to custom dir
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