ls_add_participants: Add Participant(s) to the Survey

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Add Participant(s) to the Survey


The function takes a tibble (or any object that is internally represented as a (named) list by R) of participant(s) data and adds them to the LimeSurvey participant database of the selected survey.


ls_add_participants(survey_id, part_data, create_token = TRUE)



integer, ID of the survey (as found with ls_surveys, e.g.).


tibble / data.frame / list, object with participant(s) data, i.e., firstname, lastname, email etc.


logical, whether to create token outright. Defaults to TRUE).


Generally, your part_data object have to contain three variables: firstname, lastname, and email. That is something like a bare minimum, but you may add any attribute recognized by LimeSurvey – even custom attributes like attribute_1 or so. For the human-readable list of custom attributes being held in the LimeSurvey participant database of the selected survey, use ls_get_attrs(). However, do not use the "semantic" form, as ls_add_participants() recognizes only raw, i.e. attribute_1 notation.


Called for a side effect, but returns the inserted data including additional new information like the token string.

See Also

Other LimeSurvey functions: ls_call(), ls_export(), ls_get_attrs(), ls_invite(), ls_login(), ls_participants(), ls_responses(), ls_set_participant_properties(), ls_surveys()


## Not run: 
# create participant table
part_data <- tibble(
  firstname = "John",
  lastname = "Doe",
  email = "",
  language = "cs",
  attribute_1 = "Example School"

# insert participant into the LimeSurvey database
ls_add_participants(123456, part_data)

# check if OK

## End(Not run)

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