import_fonts: Import Roboto fonts for use in charts and in the PDF reports

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The function relies on {extrafont} package that comes with briken dependencies at the moment. An experimental register_reschola_fonts() is proposed.




This is an analogue of hrbrthemes::import_roboto_condensed().

There is an option reschola.loadfonts which – if set to TRUE – will call extrafont::loadfonts() to register non-core fonts with R PDF & PostScript devices. If you are running under Windows, the package calls the same function to register non-core fonts with the Windows graphics device.


Roboto is a trademark of Google.


If you install the fonts just for the current user (via right-click and Install), they will probably not be discoverable by the fontspec LaTeX package that is used for PDF report typesetting!

See Also

Other Font helpers and shortcuts: font_rc, install_reschola_fonts(), register_reschola_fonts(), use_reschola_fonts()

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