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Invite Participant(s)


Send an email with a link to a survey to the particular participant(s). Uses email template specified in the LimeSurvey web interface. Please read the section "On errors and messages from the API server" of this documentation page before use.


ls_invite(survey_id, tid, uninvited_only = TRUE)



integer, ID of the survey (as found with ls_surveys(), e.g.).


integer(s), one ore more token IDs (not tokens!) from participant database to invite. Use ls_participants() to get the tids.


logical, if TRUE, send invitation for participants that have not been invited yet (default). If FALSE, send an invite even if already sent.


LimeSurvey allows you to send so-called invitation to a participant, meaning he or she will get an email containing a link with his or her unique access token. If you wish to send the invitation even if it has been already sent, use uninvited_only = FALSE.


Called for a side effect. Returns a message from the server.

On errors and messages from the API server

Note that the function passes on any messages from the LimeSurvey API server. As usual with LimeSurvey, many things are erroneous, buggy or does not make sense. In this case, a sign of a successful invitation is something like "-1 left to send" (where "-1" denotes the number of invitations sent).

Another message you may see is "Error: No candidate tokens", which possibly means that the tids you use are not present in the survey of concern. However, it can also indicate that the invitation has been already sent to the tids and you have to use uninvited_only = FALSE to proceed.

Note that when you add an email entry that has not a proper email format, no participants are added and tibble with errors$email list-column is returned.

See Also

Other LimeSurvey functions: ls_add_participants(), ls_call(), ls_export(), ls_get_attrs(), ls_login(), ls_participants(), ls_responses(), ls_set_participant_properties(), ls_surveys()


## Not run: 
ls_invite(123456, 18)

## End(Not run)

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