add_pmfs: Add probability mass functions

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Add probability mass functions


This function allows the addition of probability mass functions (PMFs) to produce a new PMF. This is useful for example in the context of reporting delays where the PMF of the sum of two Poisson distributions is the convolution of the PMFs.





A list of vectors describing the probability mass functions to


A vector describing the probability mass function of the sum of the

See Also

Helper functions for model modules add_max_observed_delay(), convolution_matrix(), enw_reference_by_report(), enw_reps_with_complete_refs(), extract_obs_metadata(), extract_sparse_matrix(), latest_obs_as_matrix(), simulate_double_censored_pmf()


# Sample and analytical PMFs for two Poisson distributions
x <- rpois(10000, 5)
xpmf <- dpois(0:20, 5)
y <- rpois(10000, 7)
ypmf <- dpois(0:20, 7)
# Add sampled Poisson distributions up to get combined distribution
z <- x + y
# Analytical convolution of PMFs
conv_pmf <- add_pmfs(list(xpmf, ypmf))
conv_cdf <- cumsum(conv_pmf)
# Empirical convolution of PMFs
cdf <- ecdf(z)(0:42)
# Compare sampled and analytical CDFs
lines(cdf, col = "black")

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