check_timestep_by_date: Check timestep by date

check_timestep_by_dateR Documentation

Check timestep by date


This function verifies if the difference in dates within each date in the provided observations corresponds to the provided timestep. This check is performed for both report_date and reference_date and for each group in obs.


check_timestep_by_date(obs, timestep = "day", exact = TRUE)



Any of the types supported by


The timestep to used. This can be a string ("day", "week", "month") or a numeric whole number representing the number of days.


Logical, if ⁠TRUE``, checks if all differences exactly match the timestep. If ⁠FALSE“, checks if the sum of the differences modulo the timestep equals zero. Default is TRUE.


This function is used for its side effect of checking the timestep by date in obs. If the check passes for all dates, the function returns invisibly. Otherwise, it stops and returns an error message.

See Also

Functions used for checking inputs check_calendar_timestep(), check_group(), check_group_date_unique(), check_max_delay(), check_module(), check_modules_compatible(), check_numeric_timestep(), check_observation_indicator(), check_quantiles(), check_timestep(), check_timestep_by_group()

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