cache_location_message: Cache location message for epinowcast package

cache_location_messageR Documentation

Cache location message for epinowcast package


This function generates a message in the epinowcast() package regarding the cache location. It checks the environment setting for the cache location and provides guidance to the user on managing this setting.




cache_location_message() examines the enw_cache_location environment variable. If this variable is not set, it advises the user to set the cache location using enw_set_cache() to optimize stan compilation times. If enw_cache_location is set, it confirms the current cache location to the user. Management and setting of the cache location can be done using enw_set_cache().


A character vector containing messages. If enw_cache_location is not set, it returns instructions for setting the cache location and where to find more details. If it is set, the function returns a confirmation message of the current cache location.

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