enw_add_max_reported: Add the maximum number of reported cases for each...

enw_add_max_reportedR Documentation

Add the maximum number of reported cases for each reference_date


This is a helper function which adds the maximum (in the sense of latest observed) number of reported cases for each reference_date and computes the proportion of already reported cases for each combination of reference_date and report_date.


enw_add_max_reported(obs, copy = TRUE)



A data.frame containing at least the following variables: ⁠reference date⁠ (index date of interest), report_date (report date for observations), and confirm (cumulative observations by reference and report date).


Should obs be copied (default) or modified in place?


A data.table with new columns max_confirm and cum_prop_reported. max_confirm is the maximum number of cases reported for a certain reference_date. cum_prop_reported is the proportion of cases for a certain reference_date that are reported until a given report_day, relative to all cases so far observed for this reference_date.

See Also

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obs <- data.frame(report_date = as.Date("2021-01-01") + 0:2)
obs$reference_date <- as.Date("2021-01-01")
obs$confirm <- 1:3

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