Man pages for seandavi/BiocPkgTools
Collection of simple tools for learning about Bioc Packages

biocBuildReportTidy Bioconductor build report results
biocDownloadStatsget bioconductor download stats
bioc_exploreExplore Bioconductor packages interactively
biocPkgListGet full bioc software package listing, with details
BiocPkgToolsBiocPkgTools: Examine and analyze Bioconductor package...
buildPkgDependencyDataFrameWork with Bioconductor package dependencies
buildPkgDependencyIgraphWork with package dependencies as a graph
dataciteXMLGenerateBioc datacite xml generator
generateBiocPkgDOIGenerate a DOI for a bioconductor package
get_bioc_dataGet data from bioconductor
getBiocVignetteDownload a Bioconductor vignette
getPackageInfoGenerate needed inforamation to create DOI from a package...
githubURLPartsExtract github user and repo name from github URL
inducedSubgraphByPkgsReturn a minimal subgraph based on package name(s)
problemPagegenerate hyperlinked HTML for build reports for Bioc packages
subgraphByDegreeSubset graph by degree
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