Man pages for sjdlabgroup/metaITH
A Tool for Analyzing Intratumor Heterogeneity at Multiple Levels

anti_pd1_favor_signatureRuns an anti-PD1 favor signature analysis
apoptosis_signatureRuns an apoptosis signature analysis
dna_dendrogramsCreates DNA dendrogram
drug_resistance_signatureRuns a drug-resistance signature analysis
emt_signatureRuns an emt signature analysis
hypoxia_signatureRuns a hypoxia signature analysis
immune_dendrogramsCreates Immune dendrogram
metaITH_analysisRuns a comprehensive intratumor heterogeneity analysis
multi_level_divergence_diversityPerforms a multi-level divergence and diversity analysis
proliferation_signatureRuns a proliferation signature analysis
rna_dendrogramsCreates RNA dendrogram
signature_analysisRuns a signature analysis on an RNA expression matrix
snv_heatmapsOutputs a heatmap of variant allele frequency.
specified_geneset_signatureRuns a signature analysis using a user-supplied geneset
z_score_calculationsGenerates a matrix containing z-scores
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