API for snaketron/genphen
A tool for quantification of associations between genotypes and phenotypes with Bayesian inference and statistical learning techniques.

Global functions
checkInput Source code
checkInputDiagnostics Source code
compileModel Source code
convertMsaToGenotype Source code
dichotomous.phenotype.saap Man page
genotype.saap Man page
genotype.saap.msa Man page
genotype.snp Man page
genotype.snp.msa Man page
getBhattacharyya Source code
getGenphenData Source code
getHdi Source code
getNoneCa Source code
getRfCa Source code
getSvmCa Source code
phenotype.saap Man page
phenotype.snp Man page
runContinuous Source code
runDiagnostics Man page Source code
runDichotomous Source code
runGenphen Man page Source code
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