plotSurf-methods: Plot profile matrix 3D surface using OpenGL

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Plot profile matrix 3D surface using OpenGL


This method uses the rgl package to create interactive three dimensonal representations of the profile matrix. It uses the terrain color scheme.



the xcmsRaw object


logical, log transform intensity


numeric vector with aspect ratio of the m/z, retention time and intensity components of the plot


arguments passed to profRange


The rgl package is still in development and imposes some limitations on the output format. A bug in the axis label code means that the axis labels only go from 0 to the aspect ratio constant of that axis. Additionally the axes are not labeled with what they are.

It is important to only plot a small portion of the profile matrix. Large portions can quickly overwhelm your CPU and memory.


object = "xcmsRaw"

plotSurf(object, log = FALSE, aspect = c(1, 1, .5), ...)

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