Man pages for statech/CommonPlots
Create Commonly Used Plots

add_alphaMakes Color(s) Transparent
anova.testFit an Analysis of Variance Model
arg_in_choicesArgument Verification
base_log_breaksCompute Pretty Axis Ticks of Log-scale
check_var_classVariable Class Test
column_in_dataframeTest If A Column Is Found in A Data Frame
gg_barplotBar plots
gg_boxplotBox plot
gg_color_hueEmulates ggplot2 Default Color Palette
gg_dodgeimitate ggplot position_dodge
gg_gantt_chartGantt chart
gg_jitterggplot position_jitter with random seed
gg_scatterScatter plots
gg_time_profilingTime-profiling Plots
gg_wrapperSet/Modify ggplot2 Components
is_blankTest If An Object Is Empty
is.colorCheck If Valid Color Representation
is.formulaTest if an object is a formula
JonckheereTerpstraTestExact Version of Jonckheere-Terpstra Test
koopLMEKoop and Tobias (2004) Labor Market Experience Data
mean_naArithmetic Mean with NAs Removed
mean_sdCalculate Mean And Standard Deviation
median_iqrCalculate Median And IQR
n_nnaNumber of non-NAs
range_narange() with na.rm = TRUE by default
reverselog_transCreate A Log-scale And Reverse Order Transformation Object
ternaryR version ternary function
unique_naExtract Unique Non-NA Elements
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