Man pages for strayMat/lineageDE
Differentially expressed genes in cell lineages

countsReturns the counts matrix of the dataset
dtw_alignAlign with dtw two lineages
dtw_rankranking genes with dtw
elbow_curveElbow curve for a ranking
g.rankReturns the rank and distance of some genes
kendallCompute kendall's tau between two rankings
kendall.heatmapHeatmap visualization of multiple kendall comparisons
likelihood_criteriaCompute pvalues and aic difference criteria
likelihood_rankLikelihood ranks
newrankingDEInitialize an object of class 'rankingDE'
newwarpDEDataSetInitialize an object of class 'warpDEDataSet'
paramsReturns the parameters
plot_genesPlot several genes expression patterns
plot_rankingsCompare two rankings by scatter plotting them
quantiles_sharedCompare two rankings by counting the shared elements along...
rankingDE-classClass 'rankingDE'
ranking.dfReturns the ranking
rankings_compareCompare two rankings with different means
reg_gamPlot one gene raw data and its regressions
tReturns the pseudotimes
timeDEDifferential Expression analysis according with time
wReturns the pseudotimes
warpDE_appInteractive plot for a ranking
warpDEDataSetwarpDEDataSet constructor
warpDEDataSet-classClass 'warpDEDataSet'
warpDE_rankWrapper function for all ranking methods
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