Man pages for surh/wheelP
Designing synthetic bacterial communities for predictable plant phenotypes

add_conditionadd condition
All.filteredBacterial growth curves in 4 different media
all_identicalMake sure all elements in list are identical
block_effectsEstimate block main effects
combine_datasetsCombine datasets
dist2dfDistance to data.frame
extract_taxonomyExtract taxonomy info for one taxon
homogenize_taxahomogenize taxa in abundance matrix
independent_lm_testsTest all combinations of levels
merge_phen_and_abunMerge phenotype data with relative abundances of blocks
metacoder_plot_goPlot GO from edgeR
metadata_from_rownameExtract metadata from rownames
obtain_block_abundancesObtain block abundances
parse_tax_and_plotMetacoder plot
perm_binaryP_enrichPermutation enrichment test of phosphate modulators
plot_binaryPlot results from binary association
plot_combined_effectsPlot heatmap of all effects
plot_cross_mappingPlot mapping id
plotgg_heatmap_syncom_effectsPlot syncom effects
plot_resPlot binary association results
plot_setPlot the expression of a set of genes
predict_from_mainPredict syncom from main effects
read_mapsplit_dirRead count tables from mapsplit dirs
stat_smooth_funcStat_smooth for coef of determination
strain_rsqrdCalculate R-squared
term_classFrom metacoder
test_all_strainsTest all strains for change in phosphate accumulation
test_aucTest AUC
test_single_block_phenptypeTest the effect of single block on phenotype
test_single_community_phenotypeTest the effect of all single communities
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