API for tesselle/tabula
Analysis, Seriation and Visualization of Archaeological Count Data

Global functions
.CompositionIndex Man page
.DiversityIndex Man page
.EvennessIndex Man page
.HeterogeneityIndex Man page
.PermutationOrder Man page
.RefineCA Man page
.RichnessIndex Man page
.onLoad Source code
Bertin Man page
CompositionIndex-class Man page
CompositionMatrix Man page
CountMatrix Man page
DiversityIndex Man page
DiversityIndex-class Man page
EvennessIndex-class Man page
Ford Man page
HeterogeneityIndex-class Man page
IncidenceMatrix Man page
PermutationOrder-class Man page
RefineCA-class Man page
RichnessIndex-class Man page
[[,DiversityIndex,ANY,missing-method Man page
[[,PermutationOrder,ANY,missing-method Man page
[[,RefineCA,ANY,missing-method Man page
_PACKAGE Man page
as.data.frame.DiversityIndex Source code
as_composition Man page
as_count Man page
as_features Man page
as_incidence Man page
as_long Man page
as_occurrence Man page
as_stratigraphy Man page
autoplot,DiversityIndex-method Man page
autoplot,OccurrenceMatrix-method Man page
autoplot,dist-method Man page
autoplot,matrix-method Man page
autoplot.DiversityIndex Source code
autoplot.matrix Source code
bootstrap,DiversityIndex-method Man page
bootstrap_diversity Source code
bootstrap_evenness Man page
bootstrap_evenness,CountMatrix-method Man page
bootstrap_evenness-method Man page
bootstrap_heterogeneity Man page
bootstrap_heterogeneity,CountMatrix-method Man page
bootstrap_heterogeneity-method Man page
bootstrap_richness Man page
bootstrap_richness,CountMatrix-method Man page
bootstrap_richness-method Man page
combination Source code
compute_chull Source code
confidence_proportion Source code
deprecate Man page
diversityBrillouin Source code
diversityShannon Source code
dominanceBerger Source code
dominanceMcintosh Source code
dominanceSimpson Source code
eppm Man page
eppm,CountMatrix-method Man page
eppm-method Man page
evennessBrillouin Source code
evennessMcintosh Source code
evennessShannon Source code
evennessSimpson Source code
extract_slot Source code
get Man page
get_index Man page
get_index,EvennessIndex-method Man page
get_index,HeterogeneityIndex-method Man page
get_index,RichnessIndex-method Man page
get_index-method Man page
get_method Man page
get_method,DiversityIndex-method Man page
get_method-method Man page
get_order Man page
get_order,PermutationOrder-method Man page
get_order-method Man page
heterogeneity Man page
independance Man page
index_composition Man page
index_composition,CountMatrix-method Man page
index_composition,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
index_composition-method Man page
index_diversity Source code
index_evenness Man page
index_evenness,CountMatrix-method Man page
index_evenness-method Man page
index_heterogeneity Man page
index_heterogeneity,CountMatrix-method Man page
index_heterogeneity-method Man page
index_richness Man page
index_richness,CountMatrix-method Man page
index_richness-method Man page
index_similarity Source code
jackknife,DiversityIndex-method Man page
jackknife_diversity Source code
jackknife_evenness Man page
jackknife_evenness,CountMatrix-method Man page
jackknife_evenness-method Man page
jackknife_heterogeneity Man page
jackknife_heterogeneity,CountMatrix-method Man page
jackknife_heterogeneity-method Man page
jackknife_richness Man page
jackknife_richness,CountMatrix-method Man page
jackknife_richness-method Man page
matrigraphe Man page
mutator Man page
permute Man page
permute,CountMatrix,PermutationOrder-method Man page
permute,IncidenceMatrix,PermutationOrder-method Man page
permute-method Man page
plot,DiversityIndex,missing-method Man page
plot,OccurrenceMatrix,missing-method Man page
plot,dist,missing-method Man page
plot,matrix,missing-method Man page
plot.DiversityIndex Source code
plot.OccurrenceMatrix Source code
plot.dist Source code
plot.matrix Source code
plot_bar Man page
plot_bertin Man page
plot_bertin,matrix-method Man page
plot_bertin-method Man page
plot_diversity Man page
plot_ford Man page
plot_ford,CountMatrix-method Man page
plot_ford,matrix-method Man page
plot_ford-method Man page
plot_heatmap Man page
plot_heatmap,OccurrenceMatrix-method Man page
plot_heatmap,dist-method Man page
plot_heatmap,matrix-method Man page
plot_heatmap-method Man page
plot_line Man page
plot_matrix Man page
plot_rank Man page
plot_rank,matrix-method Man page
plot_rank-method Man page
plot_spot Man page
plot_spot,OccurrenceMatrix-method Man page
plot_spot,dist-method Man page
plot_spot,matrix-method Man page
plot_spot-method Man page
prepare_bertin Source code
prepare_bertin_vertex Source code
prepare_ford Source code
prepare_ford_vertex Source code
prepare_heatmap Source code
prepare_rank Source code
pvi Man page
pvi,CountMatrix-method Man page
pvi-method Man page
rarefaction Man page
rarefaction,CountMatrix-method Man page
rarefaction-method Man page
rarefactionHurlbert Source code
reexports Man page
refine_seriation Man page
refine_seriation,CA-method Man page
refine_seriation-method Man page
remove_NA Man page
remove_empty Man page
remove_zero Man page
replace_NA Man page
resample Man page
richness Man page
richnessACE Source code
richnessChao1 Source code
richnessChao2 Source code
richnessICE Source code
richnessMargalef Source code
richnessMenhinick Source code
roll_sum Source code
scale_01 Source code
scale_pc Source code
scale_x_matrix Source code
scale_y_matrix Source code
seriate_average Man page
seriate_average,CountMatrix-method Man page
seriate_average,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
seriate_average-method Man page
seriate_average2 Source code
seriate_rank Man page
seriate_rank,CountMatrix-method Man page
seriate_rank,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
seriate_rank-method Man page
seriate_rank2 Source code
seriation Man page
seriographe Man page
set Man page
sim Source code Source code
similarity Man page
similarity,CountMatrix-method Man page
similarity,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
similarity-method Man page
similarityBinomial Source code
similarityBrainerd Source code
similarityBray Source code
similarityJaccard Source code
similarityMorisita Source code
similaritySorenson Source code
simulate Man page
simulate,DiversityIndex-method Man page
simulate_diversity Source code
simulate_evenness Man page
simulate_evenness,CountMatrix-method Man page
simulate_evenness-method Man page
simulate_heterogeneity Man page
simulate_heterogeneity,CountMatrix-method Man page
simulate_heterogeneity-method Man page
simulate_richness Man page
simulate_richness,CountMatrix-method Man page
simulate_richness-method Man page
stats_bootstrap Man page Source code
stats_jackknife Man page Source code
subset Man page
switch_evenness Source code
switch_heterogeneity Source code
switch_rarefaction Source code
switch_richness Source code
switch_similarity Source code
tabula Man page
tabula-package Man page
test_diversity Man page
test_diversity,CountMatrix-method Man page
test_diversity-method Man page
theme_tabula Source code
turnover Man page
turnover,CountMatrix-method Man page
turnover,IncidenceMatrix-method Man page
turnover-method Man page
turnoverCody Source code
turnoverRoutledge1 Source code
turnoverRoutledge2 Source code
turnoverRoutledge3 Source code
turnoverWhittaker Source code
turnoverWilson Source code
varianceShannon Source code
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