Man pages for yangjl/farmeR
Generate pipelines for maize Genomic and Genetic analysis

get_file2tab'get_file2tab' Scan txt files and extract information into a...
helloHello, World!
plot_mht'manhattan plot'
plot_stack'Stacking plot'
runa_bsmap'Run bsmap on farm'
run_alphaimpute'Run GATK Joint Genotype on farm'
run_ANGSD'Run ANGSD on farm'
run_aspera'Run Aspera Connect to download from SRA.'
run_bismark'Run array Bismark job on farm'
run_bs2vcf'Run bs2vcf job on farm'
run_bwamem'Run BWA-mem job on farm'
run_cutadapt'Run cutadapt'
run_fastCall'Run fastCall on farm'
run_fastq_qc'Run fastq QC.'
run_fermikit'Run Fermikit job on farm'
run_fq_dump'Run fastq-dump.'
run_GATK'Run GATK job on farm'
run_GATK_JointGenotype'Run GATK Joint Genotype on farm'
run_GenSel4'Run GenSel on farm'
run_gerpIBD'Run gerpIBD on farm'
run_iput'Run iget and iput to get/put data from/to iPlant.'
run_Rcodes'Run array job of R codes'
set_array_job'Set up array job on farm'
set_farm_job'Set up one farm job'
set_jupyter'Set up Jupyter Nodebook'
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