meta <- data.frame(
  Title = c("cmap", "cmap_expr", "cmap_rank",
            "lincs", "lincs_expr",
            "goAnno", "goAnno_drug", 
            "GO_DATA", "GO_DATA_drug", 
            "taurefList", "ES_NULL"),
  Description = c("CMAP log2FC matrix stored in h5 file",
                  "CMAP expression matrix stored in h5 file",
                  "CMAP rank matrix stored in h5 file",
                  "LINCS mod-z scores matrix stored in h5 file",
                  "LINCS expression matrix stored in h5 file",
                  "SQLite database containing drug-target links in drugbank,
                  LINCS and STITCH databases",
                  "GO terms to gene symbols annotation",
                  "GO to drugs annotation after drug to gene/target mapping",
                  "GO annotation environment",
                  "GO annotation environment after drug mappings",
                  "Reference list for computing tau scores of gess_lincs method",
                  "Null distribution of Enrichment Score for computing nominal P-values"
  BiocVersion = rep("3.9", 12),
  Genome = rep("GRCh38", 12),
  SourceType = c("CEL", "CEL", "TXT",
                 "HDF5", "HDF5",
                 "MySQL", "MySQL",
                 "MySQL", "MySQL", 
                 "RData", "RData"),
  SourceUrl = c("",
  SourceVersion = c("build02", "build02", "build02",
                    "Mar 03 2017", "Mar 03 2017",
                    "5.0.10;; v5.0",
                    "Mar 03 2017",
                    "Mar 03 2017"),
  Species = rep("Homo sapiens", 12),
  TaxonomyId = rep(9606, 12),
  Coordinate_1_based = rep(TRUE, 12),
  DataProvider = c("Broad Institute", "Broad Institute", "Broad Institute",
                   "Broad Institute", "Broad Institute",
                   "DrugBank, Broad Institute, STITCH",
                   "GO", "GO", "GO", "GO", 
                   "Broad Institute", "Broad Institute"),
  Maintainer = rep("Yuzhu Duan <[email protected]>", 12),
  RDataClass = c("character", "character", "character",
                 "character", "character",
                 "character", "data.frame", "data.frame",
                 "environment", "environment", "list", "data.frame"),
  DispatchClass = c("FilePath", "FilePath", "FilePath",
                    "FilePath", "FilePath",
                    "RDS", "RDS", "RDS", "RDS", "RDS", "EpiMetadata"),
  RDataPath = c("signatureSearchData/v0.1/cmap.h5",
  Tags = c("CMAP", "CMAP_expr", "CMAP_rank",
           "LINCS", "LINCS_expr",
           "drug target", "GO", "GO",
write.csv(meta, file="../extdata/metadata.csv", row.names=FALSE)
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