Man pages for zkamvar/sandpaper
Create and Curate Carpentries Lessons

build_episode_htmlBuild a single episode html file
build_episode_mdBuild an episode to markdown
build_handoutCreate a code handout of challenges without solutions
build_lessonBuild your lesson site
build_markdownBuild plain markdown from the RMarkdown episodes
build_siteWrapper for site builder
build_statusIdentify what files need to be rebuilt and what need to be...
check_lessonCheck the lesson structure for errors
ci_build_markdown(INTERNAL) Build and deploy the site with continous...
ci_build_site(INTERNAL) Build and deploy the site with continous...
ci_deploy(INTERNAL) Build and deploy the site with continous...
ci_session_infoReport session information to the user
create_episodeCreate an Episode from a template
create_lessonCreate a carpentries lesson
dependency_managementLesson Runtime Dependency Management
fixturesTest fixture functions for sandpaper
get_built_dbGet the database of built files and their hashes
get_configGet the configuration parameters for the lesson
get_draftsShow files in draft form
get_dropdownHelpers to extract contents of dropdown menus on the site
get_hashGet the expected hash from a set of built files
get_resource_listGet the full resource list of markdown files
get_syllabusCreate a syllabus for the lesson
git_worktree_setupSetup a git worktree for concurrent manipulation of a...
lesson_storageInternal cache for storing lesson objects
package_cacheGive Consent to Use Package Cache
render_htmlRender html from a markdown file
renv_diagnosticsPrint a diagnostics report for the package cache
renv_lockfile_hashGet the hash for the previous and current lockfile (as...
reset_episodesClear the schedule in the lesson
reset_siteRemove all files associated with the site
sandpaper-packagesandpaper: Create and Curate Carpentries Lessons
sandpaper_siteSite generator for sandpaper
set_dropdownSet the order of items in a dropdown menu
templateTemplate files
try_use_renvTry to use renv
update_github_workflowsUpdate github workflows
update_varnishUpdate the local version of the carpentries style
work_with_cache(Experimental) Work with the package cache
yaml_listCreate a valid, opinionated yaml list for insertion into a...
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