build_404: Build the 404 page for a lesson

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build_404R Documentation

Build the 404 page for a lesson


Build the 404 page for a lesson


build_404(pkg, quiet = FALSE)



a list object generated from pkgdown::as_pkgdown()


passed to build_html(). When FALSE (default), a message will be printed to the screen about the build progress. When TRUE, no messages are generated.


During the lesson build process, a 404 page with absolute links back to the source pages must be generated otherwise, subsequent attempts to escape the 404 page will be futile.

This function is intended to be run on a lesson website that has already been built and is called for its side-effect of creating a 404 page.


TRUE if the page was successfully generated

See Also

build_site() which calls this function and build_html(), which this function calls.

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