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fixPre1.8R Documentation

Fix Objects Saved from R Versions Previous to 1.8


Beginning with R version 1.8.0, the class of an object contains the identification of the package in which the class is defined. The function fixPre1.8 fixes and re-assigns objects missing that information (typically because they were loaded from a file saved with a previous version of R.)


fixPre1.8(names, where)



Character vector of the names of all the objects to be fixed and re-assigned.


The environment from which to look for the objects, and for class definitions. Defaults to the top environment of the call to fixPre1.8, the global environment if the function is used interactively.


The named object will be saved where it was found. Its class attribute will be changed to the full form required by R 1.8; otherwise, the contents of the object should be unchanged.

Objects will be fixed and re-assigned only if all the following conditions hold:

  1. The named object exists.

  2. It is from a defined class (not a basic datatype which has no actual class attribute).

  3. The object appears to be from an earlier version of R.

  4. The class is currently defined.

  5. The object is consistent with the current class definition.

If any condition except the second fails, a warning message is generated.

Note that fixPre1.8 currently fixes only the change in class attributes. In particular, it will not fix binary versions of packages installed with earlier versions of R if these use incompatible features. Such packages must be re-installed from source, which is the wise approach always when major version changes occur in R.


The names of all the objects that were in fact re-assigned.