Rdindex: Generate Index from Rd Files

RdindexR Documentation

Generate Index from Rd Files


Print a 2-column index table with names and titles from given R documentation files to a given output file or connection. The titles are nicely formatted between two column positions (typically 25 and 72, respectively).


Rdindex(RdFiles, outFile = "", type = NULL,
        width = 0.9 * getOption("width"), indent = NULL)



a character vector specifying the Rd files to be used for creating the index, either by giving the paths to the files, or the path to a single directory with the sources of a package.


a connection, or a character string naming the output file to print to. "" (the default) indicates output to the console.


a character string giving the documentation type of the Rd files to be included in the index, or NULL (the default). The type of an Rd file is typically specified via the \docType tag; if type is "data", Rd files whose only keyword is datasets are included as well.


a positive integer giving the target column for wrapping lines in the output.


a positive integer specifying the indentation of the second column. Must not be greater than width/2, and defaults to width/3.


If a name is not a valid alias, the first alias (or the empty string if there is none) is used instead.