ACS: American Community Survey

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Data from a sample of individuals in the American Community Survey


A dataset with 1000 observations on the following 9 variables.

Sex 0=female and 1=male
Age Age (years)
Married 0=not married and 1=married
Income Wages and salary for the past 12 months (in $1,000's)
HoursWk Hours of work per week
Race asian, black, white, or other
USCitizen 1=citizen and 0=noncitizen
HealthInsurance 1=have health insurance and 0= no health insurance
Language 1=native English speaker and 0=other


The American Community Survey, administered by the US Census Bureau, is given every year to a random sample of about 3.5 million households (about 3% of all US households). Data on a random sample of 1% of all US residents are made public (after ensuring anonymity), and we have selected a random sub-sample of n = 1000 from the 2010 data for this dataset.


The full public dataset can be downloaded at documentation/pums data/,
and the full list of variables are at documentation/pums/DataDict/PUMSDataDict10.pdf.

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