ICUAdmissions: Intensive Care Unit Admissions

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data from patients admitted to an intensive care unit


A dataset with 200 observations on the following 21 variables.

ID Patient ID number
Status Patient status: 0=lived or 1=died
Age Patient's age (in years)
Sex 0=male or 1=female
Race Patient's race: 1=white, 2=black, or 3=other
Service Type of service: 0=medical or 1=surgical
Cancer Is cancer involved? 0=no or 1=yes
Renal Is chronic renal failure involved? 0=no or 1=yes
Infection Is infection involved? 0=no or 1=yes
CPR Patient gets CPR prior to admission? 0=no or 1=yes
Systolic Systolic blood pressure (in mm of Hg)
HeartRate Pulse rate (beats per minute)
Previous Previous admission to ICU wihtin 6 months? 0=no or 1=yes
Type Admission type: 0=elective or 1=emergency
Fracture Fractured bone involved? 0=no or 1=yes
PO2 Partial oxygen level from blood gases under 60? 0=no or 1=yes
PH pH from blood gas under 7.25? 0=no or 1=yes
PCO2 Partial carbon dioxide level from blood gas over 45? 0=no or 1=yes
Bicarbonate Bicarbonate from blood gas under 18? 0=no or 1=yes
Creatinine Creatinine from blood gas over 2.0? 0=no or 1=yes
Consciousness Level: 0=conscious, 1=deep stupor, or 2=coma


Data from a sample of 200 patients following admission to an adult intensive care unit (ICU).


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