HappyPlanetIndex: Happy Planet Index

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Measurements related to happiness and well-being for 143 countries.


A dataset with 143 observations on the following 11 variables.

Country Name of country
Region Three-digit country code
Happiness Score on a 0-10 scale for average level of happiness (10 is happiest)
LifeExpectancy Average life expectancy (in years)
Footprint Ecological footprint - a measure of the (per capita) ecological impact
HLY Happy Life Years - combines life expectancy with well-being
HPI Happy Planet Index (0-100 scale)
HPIRank HPI rank for the country
GDPperCapita Gross Domestic Product (per capita)
HDI Human Development Index
Population Population (in millions)


Data for 143 countries from the Happy Planet Index Project that works to quantify indicators of happiness, well-being, and ecological footprint at a country level.


Data downloaded from http://www.happyplanetindex.org/data/


Marks, N., "The Happy Planet Index", www.TED.com/talks, August 29, 2010.

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