Breakfast Cereals



Nutrition information for a sample of 30 breakfast cereals


A dataset with 30 observations on the following 10 variables.

Name Brand name of cereal
Company Manufacturer coded as G=General Mills, K=Kellog's or Q=Quaker
Serving Servind sixze (in cups)
Calories Calories (per cup)
Fat Fat (grams per cup)
Sodium Sodium (mg per cup)
Carbs Carbohydrates (grams per cup)
Fiber Dietary Fiber (grams per cup)
Sugars Sugars (grams per cup)
Protein Protein (grams per cup)


Nutrition contents for a sample of breakfast cererals, derived from nutrition lables. Values are per cup of cereal (rather than per serving).


Cereal data obtained from nutrition labels at

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