Man pages for RPPanalyzer
Reads, Annotates, and Normalizes Reverse Phase Protein Array Data

averageDataAverage biological replicates over different slides.
calcLinearCalculates sample concentrations using linear model fit
calcLogisticCalculates sample concentrations using sigmoid model fit
calcSdcCalculates the concentration of serial diluted samples
correctBGCorrects for background in an RPPA data set
correctDilintercDilution series intersect correction
curvePredictSigmoidSigmoidal curve prediction.
dataIReverse phase protein array rawdata, samples serially diluted
dataIIReverse phase protein array data, samples from a stimulation...
dataIIIReverse phase protein array data from original cancer...
dataPreprocData preprocessing
getErrorModelEstimates error model parameters var0 (basal variance) and...
HKdataReverse phase protein array data of siRNA transfected cell...
logListLogarithmize (log2) the first two RPPA list elements, i.e....
normalizeRPPANormalizes data in an RPPA data list
pick.high.concSelect the highest concentration from serialy diluted samples
plotMeasurementsQCScatter Plots from an RPPA data
plotQCPlot target and blank signal from RPPA control samples
plotqqqq-plot and qq-line of an RPPA data set
plotTimeCourseDraw time course from RPPA data
plotTimeCourseIIMultiplot function for RPPA time course datasets
read.DataRead and Annotate RPPA rawdata
remove.arraysRemove arrays from a RPPA data list
rppa2boxplotDraws boxplots of groups of an RPPA data set including wilcox...
rppaList2ExpressionSetConvert RPPA data into Expression Set
rppaList2HeatmapDraw a heatmap with column side colors from a RPPA data
rppanalyzer-packageRead, annotate and normalize reverse phase protein array data...
S1.gprGenePix result files
sampledescription.oldsample description file
sampledescription.txtsample description file
sample.medianAggregate the replicates in an RPPA data set
select.measurementsSelects the measurement samples from an RPPA data list
select.sample.groupSelects samples from RPPA data
ser.dil.samplesReverse phase protein array rawdata, samples serially diluted
simpleBoxplotDraws boxplots of groups of an RPPA data set.
slidedescription.oldslide description file
slidedescription.txtslide description file
test.correlationTests for correlations in RPPA data
write.Datawrites an RPPA data list into csv file
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