Man pages for RTCGAToolbox
A new tool for exporting TCGA Firehose data

CorResult-classClass '"CorResult"'
DGEResult-classClass '"DGEResult"'
FirehoseCGHArray-classClass '"FirehoseCGHArray"'
FirehoseData-classClass '"FirehoseData"'
FirehoseGISTIC-classClass '"FirehoseGISTIC"'
FirehoseMethylationArray-classClass '"FirehoseMethylationArray"'
FirehosemRNAArray-classClass '"FirehosemRNAArray"'
getCNGECorrelationCorrelation between copy number data and gene expression...
getDiffExpressedGenesGet differentially expressed genes between tumor and normal...
getFirehoseAnalyzeDatesFirehose data analyze run dates
getFirehoseDataFirehose project data client
getFirehoseDatasetsGet valid dataset alias.
getFirehoseRunningDatesGet valid analysis dates.
getMutationRateCalculates the mutation ratio among the samples.
getReportMake report plot.
getSurvivalSurvival analysis based on gene expression value.
hg19.ucsc.gene.locationshg19 known gene symbol and locations
RTCGASampleSample TCGA Firehose data from BRCA dataset.
RTCGAToolbox-packageRTCGAToolbox: A data client and basic analysis toolbox for...
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