Man pages for Rmpfr
R MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable

array_or_vector-classAuxiliary Class "array\_or\_vector"
asNumeric-methodsMethods for 'asNumeric(<mpfr>)'
atomicVector-classVirtual Class "atomicVector" of Atomic Vectors
base-copiesBase Functions etc, as an Rmpfr version
BernoulliBernoulli Numbers in Arbitrary Precision
Bessel_mpfrBessel functions of Integer Order in multiple precisions
bind-methods"mpfr" '...' - Methods for Functions cbind(), rbind()
chooseMpfrBinomial Coefficients and Pochhammer Symbol aka Rising...
distr-etcDistribution Functions etc (MPFR)
factorialMpfrFactorial 'n!' in Arbitrary Precision
formatHexFlexibly Format Numbers in Binary, Hex and Decimal Format
formatMpfrFormatting MPFR (multiprecision) Numbers
gmp-conversionsConversion Utilities gmp <-> Rmpfr
hjkMpfrHooke-Jeeves Derivative-Free Minimization R (working for...
igammaIncomplete Gamma Function
integrateROne-Dimensional Numerical Integration - in pure R
is.wholeWhole ("Integer") Numbers
matmult(MPFR) Matrix (Vector) Multiplication
Mnumber-classClass "Mnumber" and "mNumber" of "mpfr" and regular numbers...
mpfrCreate "mpfr" Numbers (Objects)
mpfrArrayConstruct "mpfrArray" almost as by 'array()'
mpfr-classClass "mpfr" of Multiple Precision Floating Point Numbers
mpfrMatrix-classClasses "mpfrMatrix" and "mpfrArray"
mpfrMatrix-utilsFunctions for mpfrMatrix Objects
mpfr-utilsRmpfr - Utilities for Precision Setting, Printing, etc
optimizeRHigh Precision One-Dimensional Optimization
pbetaIAccurate Incomplete Beta / Beta Probabilities For Integer...
pmaxParallel Maxima and Minima
Rmpfr-packageR MPFR - Multiple Precision Floating-Point Reliable
roundMpfrRounding to Binary bits, "mpfr-internally"
sapplyMpfrApply a Function over a "mpfr" Vector
seqMpfr"mpfr" Sequence Generation
special-mathSpecial Mathematical Functions (MPFR)
str.mpfrCompactly Show STRucture of Rmpfr Number Object
sumBinomMpfr(Alternating) Binomial Sums via Rmpfr
unirootROne Dimensional Root (Zero) Finding - in pure R
utilsMPFR Number Utilities
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