TIMP: Fitting Separable Nonlinear Models in Spectroscopy and Microscopy

A problem-solving environment (PSE) for fitting separable nonlinear models to measurements arising in physics and chemistry experiments; has been extensively applied to time-resolved spectroscopy and FLIM-FRET data.

AuthorKatharine M. Mullen, Joris J. Snellenburg, Sergey P. Laptenok, David Nicolaides, Ivo H.M. van Stokkum
Date of publication2015-10-19 09:13:13
MaintainerJoris J. Snellenburg <j.snellenburg@vu.nl>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)
http://timp.r-forge.r-project.org/ http://timpgui.org/

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Man pages

amp-class: Class "amp" for diagonal matrix model specification.

baseIRF: Baseline subtraction from a vector, usually representing an...

dat-class: Class "dat" for model and data storage

denS4: Time-resolved absorption data

divergeZimage: Plots a matrix with a diverging palette, with the center...

donorAcceptorTagged: Fluorescent lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) data

donorTagged: Fluorescent lifetime imaging microscopy (FLIM) data

efit2file: covert 'tim' FORTRAN efit files to plain matrices in ASCII...

examineFit: Examines the results of a call to fitModel

fit-class: Class "fit" to store the results of model fitting associated...

fitModel: Performs optimization of (possibly multidataset) models.

FLIMplots: Functions to plot FLIM results.

getClpindepX: Generic function getClpindepX in Package 'TIMP'

getResid: For data correction, fits a model (but ignores plotting...

getResults: Functions to print and return parts of the object returned by...

initModel: Defines the model to be used in analysis.

internals: TIMP function used internally

kin-class: Class "kin" for kinetic model storage.

kinopt-class: Class "kinopt" stores options for fitting and plotting...

mass-class: Class "mass" for mass spectrometry model storage.

massopt-class: Class "massopt" stores options for fitting and plotting...

mea_IRF: Instrument response for fluorescent lifetime imaging...

modifyModel: Allows the starting values for parameters associated with a...

multimodel-class: Class "multimodel" for storage of multidataset models, data...

multitheta-class: Class "multitheta" that stores a list with one element of...

opt-class: Class "opt" stores options for fitting and plotting

outlierCorr: Finds and removes outliers from a datasets

plotter: Generic function plotter in Package 'TIMP'

preProcess: Performs preprocessing on data stored as an objects of class...

readclp0: This function reads in a specification of constraints to zero...

readData: This function reads in data the ivo file format

res-class: Class "res" to store the results of model fitting associated...

residPart: Generic function residPart in Package 'TIMP'

spec-class: Class "spec" for the storage of spectral models.

specopt-class: Class "specopt" stores options for fitting and plotting...

sumKinSpecEst: Makes a summary plot of spectra associated with kinetic...

target: Ultrafast time-resolved fluorescence data

theta-class: Class "theta" for storage of nonlinear parameter estimates

TIMP-package: a problem solving environment for fitting separable nonlinear...

writeAverage: Writes the average of scans stored in a file to a new file in...


addDscal Man page
addPrel Man page
addPrelCl Man page
amp Man page
amp-class Man page
applyWeighting Man page
applyWeightingModel Man page
barplot3 Man page
baseCorlambda Man page
baseCortime Man page
baseIRF Man page
c001 Man page
c003 Man page
C1 Man page
C2 Man page
C3 Man page
calcB Man page
calcC Man page
calcCirf Man page
calcD Man page
calcEbspline Man page
calcEhiergaus Man page
compCoh Man page
compModel Man page
compModelMass Man page
compOsc Man page
convGausExp Man page
cy005c Man page
cy006 Man page
dat Man page
dat-class Man page
denS4 Man page
denS5 Man page
diffAdd Man page
diffChange Man page
diffFree Man page
diffRel Man page
diffRemove Man page
displayEst Man page
divergeZimage Man page
doClpConstr Man page
doConstrSuper Man page
donorAcceptorTagged Man page
donorTagged Man page
doSVD Man page
efit2file Man page
examineFit Man page
fillK Man page
fillResult Man page
fit Man page
fit-class Man page
fitModel Man page
FLIMplots Man page
fullKF Man page
gaus Man page
getAutoClp0 Man page
getC Man page
getCLP Man page
getClpConstr Man page
getClpindepX Man page
getClpindepX,amp-method Man page
getClpindepX,kin-method Man page
getClpindepX,mass-method Man page
getClpindepX-methods Man page
getClpindepX,spec-method Man page
getClpList Man page
getCLPList Man page
getCoh Man page
getCohToPlot Man page
getConToPlot Man page
getDAS Man page
getData Man page
getDiffTheta Man page
getDiffThetaChange Man page
getDiffThetaCl Man page
getDiffThetaClChange Man page
getdim1 Man page
getdim2 Man page
getFixed Man page
getGroups Man page
getKinConcen Man page
getModel Man page
getOsc Man page
getPar Man page
getPrel Man page
getPrelTheta Man page
getResid Man page
getResidRet Man page
getResiduals Man page
getResults Man page
getSelectedTracesMax Man page
getSpecList Man page
getSpecToPlot Man page
getSVDData Man page
getSVDResiduals Man page
getSVDResiduals Man page
getTheta Man page
getThetaCl Man page
getTraces Man page
getX Man page
getXList Man page
getXsuper Man page
initModel Man page
initModellist Man page
Internals Man page
irfparF Man page
kin Man page
kin-class Man page
kinopt Man page
kinopt-class Man page
l2nu Man page
linloglines Man page
linlogplot Man page
linlogtics Man page
mass Man page
mass-class Man page
massopt Man page
massopt-class Man page
matlinlogplot Man page
mea_IRF Man page
modifyModel Man page
multiLin Man page
multimodel Man page
multimodel-class Man page
multitheta Man page
multitheta-class Man page
normdat Man page
onls Man page
opt Man page
opt-class Man page
outlierCorr Man page
parEst Man page
plotClp Man page
plotEst Man page
plotFLIM Man page
plotHistAmp Man page
plotHistNormComp Man page
plotIntenImage Man page
plotKinBreakDown Man page
plotKinSpecEst Man page
plotNormComp Man page
plotSelectedSpectra Man page
plotSelectedTraces Man page
plotSelectedTracesSuper Man page
plotSelIntenImage Man page
plotTau Man page
plotter Man page
plotter,kin-method Man page
plotter,mass-method Man page
plotter-methods Man page
plotter,spec-method Man page
plotTraces Man page
plotTracesSuper Man page
preProcess Man page
processOrder Man page
readclp0 Man page
readData Man page
res Man page
res-class Man page
rescomp Man page
residPart Man page
residPart,amp-method Man page
residPart,kin-method Man page
residPart,mass-method Man page
residPart-methods Man page
residPart,spec-method Man page
sample_sel Man page
scaleConList Man page
simndecay_gen Man page
simpExp Man page
simpPol Man page
skew Man page
spec Man page
spec-class Man page
specModel Man page
specopt Man page
specopt-class Man page
specparF Man page
sumKinSpecEst Man page
sumnls Man page
target Man page
theta Man page
theta-class Man page
TIMP Man page
timpErrors Man page
TIMP-package Man page
unitstep Man page
weightNL Man page
weightPsi Man page
weightSM Man page
writeAverage Man page
writeEst Man page
writeFit Man page


TIMP/R/addDscal.R TIMP/R/addOutlierWeights.R TIMP/R/addPrel.R TIMP/R/addPrelCl.R TIMP/R/amp.R TIMP/R/applyKinScalSpecialFun.R TIMP/R/applyWeightingModel.R TIMP/R/barplot3.R TIMP/R/baseCorlambda.R TIMP/R/baseCortime.R TIMP/R/baseIRF.R TIMP/R/calcAniSignal.R TIMP/R/calcB.R TIMP/R/calcC.R TIMP/R/calcCirf.R TIMP/R/calcD.R TIMP/R/calcEbspline.R TIMP/R/calcEhiergaus.R TIMP/R/compCoh.R TIMP/R/compModel.R TIMP/R/compModelMass.R TIMP/R/compOsc.R TIMP/R/convGausExp.R TIMP/R/convolveUnitStep.R TIMP/R/dat.R TIMP/R/diffAdd.R TIMP/R/diffChange.R TIMP/R/diffFree.R TIMP/R/diffRel.R TIMP/R/diffRemove.R TIMP/R/displayEst.R TIMP/R/divergeZimage.R TIMP/R/doClpConstr.R TIMP/R/doConstrSuper.R TIMP/R/doSVD.R TIMP/R/doubleDiff.R TIMP/R/efit2file.R TIMP/R/examineFit.R TIMP/R/fillK.R TIMP/R/fillResult.R TIMP/R/fit.R TIMP/R/fitModel.R TIMP/R/fullKF.R TIMP/R/gaus.R TIMP/R/getAniA.R TIMP/R/getAniK.R TIMP/R/getAniSuper.R TIMP/R/getAnisotropy.R TIMP/R/getAutoClp0.R TIMP/R/getClpConstr.R TIMP/R/getCoh.R TIMP/R/getCohToPlot.R TIMP/R/getConToPlot.R TIMP/R/getConstrained.R TIMP/R/getDiffTheta.R TIMP/R/getDiffThetaChange.R TIMP/R/getDiffThetaCl.R TIMP/R/getDiffThetaClChange.R TIMP/R/getFixed.R TIMP/R/getGroups.R TIMP/R/getJac.R TIMP/R/getKinConcen.R TIMP/R/getLightDiff.R TIMP/R/getModel.R TIMP/R/getMvec.R TIMP/R/getOsc.R TIMP/R/getPar.R TIMP/R/getPrel.R TIMP/R/getPrelBetweenDatasets.R TIMP/R/getPrelTheta.R TIMP/R/getResid.R TIMP/R/getResidRet.R TIMP/R/getResults.R TIMP/R/getSelectedTracesMax.R TIMP/R/getSpecList.R TIMP/R/getSpecToPlot.R TIMP/R/getStartTri.R TIMP/R/getStdErrClp.R TIMP/R/getStreakBacksweep.R TIMP/R/getTheta.R TIMP/R/getThetaCl.R TIMP/R/getXList.R TIMP/R/getXsuper.R TIMP/R/init.dat.R TIMP/R/init.fit.R TIMP/R/init.multimodel.R TIMP/R/init.multitheta.R TIMP/R/init.opt.R TIMP/R/init.res.R TIMP/R/init.theta.R TIMP/R/initModel.R TIMP/R/initModellist.R TIMP/R/initOneModel.R TIMP/R/irfparF.R TIMP/R/jacobian.R TIMP/R/kin.R TIMP/R/kinopt.R TIMP/R/l2nu.R TIMP/R/linloglines.R TIMP/R/linlogplot.R TIMP/R/linlogtics.R TIMP/R/mass.R TIMP/R/massopt.R TIMP/R/matlinlogplot.R TIMP/R/modifyModel.R TIMP/R/multiLin.R TIMP/R/multimodel.R TIMP/R/multitheta.R TIMP/R/normdat.R TIMP/R/opt.R TIMP/R/outlierCorr.R TIMP/R/plotClp.R TIMP/R/plotFLIM.R TIMP/R/plotFLIMresid.R TIMP/R/plotKinBreakDown.R TIMP/R/plotKinSpecEst.R TIMP/R/plotMassSpec.R TIMP/R/plotResids.R TIMP/R/plotSpecKin.R TIMP/R/plotSpectraSuper.R TIMP/R/plotTracesResids.R TIMP/R/plotTracesSuper.R TIMP/R/plotTri.R TIMP/R/preProcess.R TIMP/R/processOrder.R TIMP/R/readData.R TIMP/R/readclp0.R TIMP/R/res.R TIMP/R/rescomp.R TIMP/R/sample_sel.R TIMP/R/scaleConList.R TIMP/R/setGenerics.R TIMP/R/set_getClpindepX_amp.R TIMP/R/set_getClpindepX_kin.R TIMP/R/set_getClpindepX_mass.R TIMP/R/set_getClpindepX_spec.R TIMP/R/set_initModelClass_amp.R TIMP/R/set_initModelClass_kin.R TIMP/R/set_initModelClass_mass.R TIMP/R/set_initModelClass_spec.R TIMP/R/set_plotter_kin.R TIMP/R/set_plotter_mass.R TIMP/R/set_plotter_spec.R TIMP/R/set_residPart_amp.R TIMP/R/set_residPart_kin.R TIMP/R/set_residPart_mass.R TIMP/R/set_residPart_spec.R TIMP/R/simndecay_gen.R TIMP/R/simpExp.R TIMP/R/simpPol.R TIMP/R/skew.R TIMP/R/spec.R TIMP/R/specModel.R TIMP/R/specopt.R TIMP/R/specparF.R TIMP/R/sumKinSpecEst.R TIMP/R/summary.R TIMP/R/superLogistic.R TIMP/R/theta.R TIMP/R/triResolve.R TIMP/R/unitstep.R TIMP/R/weightNL.R TIMP/R/weightPsi.R TIMP/R/weightSM.R TIMP/R/writeAverage.R TIMP/R/writeData.R TIMP/R/writeEst.R TIMP/R/writeFit.R TIMP/R/zzz.R
TIMP/man/FLIMplots.Rd TIMP/man/TIMP-package.Rd TIMP/man/amp-class.Rd TIMP/man/baseIRF.Rd TIMP/man/dat-class.Rd TIMP/man/denS4.Rd TIMP/man/divergeZimage.Rd TIMP/man/donorAcceptorTagged.Rd TIMP/man/donorTagged.Rd TIMP/man/efit2file.Rd TIMP/man/examineFit.Rd TIMP/man/fit-class.Rd TIMP/man/fitModel.Rd TIMP/man/getClpindepX.Rd TIMP/man/getResid.Rd TIMP/man/getResults.Rd TIMP/man/initModel.Rd TIMP/man/internals.Rd TIMP/man/kin-class.Rd TIMP/man/kinopt-class.Rd TIMP/man/mass-class.Rd TIMP/man/massopt-class.Rd TIMP/man/mea_IRF.Rd TIMP/man/modifyModel.Rd TIMP/man/multimodel-class.Rd TIMP/man/multitheta-class.Rd TIMP/man/opt-class.Rd TIMP/man/outlierCorr.Rd TIMP/man/plotter.Rd TIMP/man/preProcess.Rd TIMP/man/readData.Rd TIMP/man/readclp0.Rd TIMP/man/res-class.Rd TIMP/man/residPart.Rd TIMP/man/spec-class.Rd TIMP/man/specopt-class.Rd TIMP/man/sumKinSpecEst.Rd TIMP/man/target.Rd TIMP/man/theta-class.Rd TIMP/man/writeAverage.Rd

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