biclust: BiCluster Algorithms

The main function biclust provides several algorithms to find biclusters in two-dimensional data: Cheng and Church, Spectral, Plaid Model, Xmotifs and Bimax. In addition, the package provides methods for data preprocessing (normalization and discretisation), visualisation, and validation of bicluster solutions.

AuthorSebastian Kaiser, Rodrigo Santamaria, Tatsiana Khamiakova, Martin Sill, Roberto Theron, Luis Quintales, Friedrich Leisch and Ewoud De Troyer.
Date of publication2015-12-11 12:45:49
MaintainerSebastian Kaiser <>, Ewoud De Troyer <>

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additiveVariance Man page
BCPlaid Man page
BCPlaid-class Man page
BCSpectral Man page
BCSpectral-class Man page
BicatYeast Man page
biclust,matrix,BCPlaid-method Man page
biclust,matrix,BCSpectral-method Man page
bimax.grid Man page
binarize Man page
binarizeByPercentage Man page
bubbleplot Man page
bubble plot Man page
ChiaKaruturi Man page
coherence Man page
computeObservedFstat Man page
constantVariance Man page
densityOnes Man page
diagnoseColRow Man page
diagnosticPlot Man page
drawHeatmap Man page
drawHeatmap2 Man page
E. coli microarray synthetic data matrix Man page
EisenYeast Man page
ensemble Man page
Escherichia Coly data matrix generated by SynTReN Man page
heatmap Man page
heatmapBC Man page
Kluger biclustering Man page
multiplicativeVariance Man page
parallel coordinates Man page
parallelCoordinates Man page
plaid Man page
plaid.grid Man page
plaid model Man page
Saccharomices Cerevisiae data matrix Man page
Saccharomices Cerevisiae reduced data matrix Man page
signVariance Man page
spectral Man page
spectral biclustering Man page
star graph Man page
SyntrenEcoli Man page
turner biclustering Man page
writeBiclusterResults Man page
writeBiclusters Man page
yeast microarray data matrix Man page
yeast microarray reduced data matrix Man page

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