The package ‘gRbase’: summary information


This package provides a basis for graphical modelling in R and in particular for other graphical modelling packages, most notably gRim and gRain. The package is a contribution to the gR-project described by Lauritzen (2002).


gRbase provides the following:

  • Implementation of various graph algorithms, including maximum cardinality search, maximal prime subgraph decomposition, triangulation. See the vignette graphs.

  • Implementation of various "high level" array operations, including multiplication/division, marginalization, slicing, permutation. See the vignette ArrayOps.

  • Implementation of various "low level" array operations. See the vignette ArrayOpsPrim.

  • A collection of datasets

  • A general framework for setting up data and model structures and provide examples for fitting hierarchical log linear models for contingency tables and graphical Gaussian models for the multivariate normal distribution.

    Notice: This last part is not maintained / developed further.


S<f8>ren H<f8>jsgaard, Aarhus University, DK-8830 Tjele, Denmark

Claus Dethlefsen, Center for Cardiovascular Research, Aalborg Hospital, <c5>rhus University Hospital, DK-9000 Aalborg, Denmark

Code for maximal prime subgraph decomposition has been provided by Clive Bowsher.


Thanks to the other members of the gR initiative, in particular to David Edwards for providing functions for formula-manipulation.


Lauritzen, S. L. (2002). gRaphical Models in R. R News, 3(2)39.

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