Man pages for texmex
Threshold exceedences and multivariate extremes

airPollutionAir pollution data, separately for summer and winter months
bgpdSetSeedSet the seed from a fitted bgpd object.
bootgpdParametric bootstrap for generalized Pareto models
bootmexBootstrap a conditional multivariate extreme values model
chiMeasures of extremal dependence
copulaCalculate the copula of a matrix of variables
dgpdDensity, cumulative density, quantiles and random number...
edfCompute empirical distribution function
extremalIndexExtremal index estimation and automatic declustering
gpdGeneralized Pareto distribution modelling
gpdRangeFitEstimate generalized Pareto distribution parameters over a...
liverLiver related laboratory data
MCSMultivariate conditional Spearman's rho
mexConditional multivariate extreme values modelling
mexDependenceEstimate the dependence parameters in a conditional...
mexRangeFitEstimate dependence parameters in a conditional multivariate...
migpdFit multiple independent generalized Pareto models
migpdCoefsChange values of parameters in a migpd object
mrlPlotMean residual life plot
predict.gpdPredict return levels from Generalized Pareto Distribution...
rainRain and wavesurge datasets.
rlReturn levels
texmex-internalInternal functions for texmex
texmexMethodsMethods for texmex objects
texmex-packageConditional multivariate extreme values modelling.
thinAndBurnProcess Metropolis output from GPD fitting to discard...
validate.texmexValidate the texmex package
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