Defines functions satterth.varComp

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#satterth <-
#function(object, ...) UseMethod('satterth')

satterth.varComp <-
function(object, Lmat, Vbet, svd.VLbet, X, K, V, ...)
# S3 method for object of class varComp. 
# Lmat:   A matrix with each row being a linear combination of fixed effect parameters of interest. 
# Vbet:   vcov of fixed effect parameter estimates
# svd.VLbet: An optional svd object of vcov of Lmat%*%beta
# X:  Optional X design matrix
# K:  Optional kernal matrix
# V:  Optional vcov of response. 

	if(ncol(model.matrix(object, 'X')) == 0L) return(structure(numeric(0L), individual.df=numeric(0L)))
  VVC=vcov(object, what='varComp', drop=TRUE)
  if(missing(Vbet) ) Vbet=vcov(object, what='beta', beta.correction=FALSE)
    eig=eigen(tcrossprod(Lmat%*%Vbet, Lmat), TRUE)
    eig=list(values=svd.VLbet$d, vectors=svd.VLbet$u)
  if(missing(X)) X=model.matrix(object, what='fixed')
  if(missing(K)) K=model.matrix(object, what='K')[object$parms>0]
  if(!is.list(K)) K=list(K)
  if(missing(V)) V=vcov(object, what='Y')
  if(missing(Lmat)) {Lmat=diag(1, ncol(X)); rownames(Lmat)=colnames(X)}
  if(!is.matrix(Lmat))	Lmat = matrix(Lmat, 1L, dimnames = list("", names(Lmat)))
  if(!is.null(colnames(Lmat)) && !is.null(colnames(X))){
	if(ncol(Lmat) < ncol(X)){
		L=matrix(0, nrow(Lmat), ncol(X))
		colnames(L) = colnames(X)
		rownames(L) = rownames(Lmat)
		L[, colnames(Lmat)]=Lmat
	}else if (ncol(Lmat) == ncol(X)){
		Lmat = Lmat[, colnames(X), drop=FALSE]
	}else stop("`Lmat` has more columns than the number of fixed effect parameters.")	
  if(ncol(Lmat) != ncol(X)) stop("`Lmat` has incorrect number of columns.")
  if(is.null(rownames(Lmat))) rownames(Lmat) = rep('', nrow(Lmat))
  l=crossprod(eig$vectors[,seq_len(q)], Lmat)
  K[[nK+1L]]=diag(1, nrow(X))
  VIXUl=solve(V, tcrossprod(X%*%Vbet, l))
  ders=matrix(NA_real_, q, nK+1L)
  for(i in seq_len(nK+1L))
    ders[, i]=diag(crossprod(VIXUl, K[[i]]%*%VIXUl))
  for(m in seq_len(q))
    vs[m]=2*eig$values[m]*eig$values[m]/crossprod(ders[m,], VVC%*%ders[m,])
  ans=if(E>q) 2*E/(E-q) else 0
  attr(ans, 'individual.df')=vs  

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